Buy Nothing New Challenge 2020

Are you concerned about the Growing Climate Crisis and looking for a way to reduce Waste in our Community?
Well, Let's do something about it now . . .

We seek to help educate, motivate, and support our community to effectively respond to the global climate crisis. Given our own commitment to 1) reduce waste, 2) preempt need for recycling, and 3) save valuable space at our local landfill, we invite you to participate in the Buy Nothing New Campaign.

This voluntary collective of individuals is committed to reducing waste production at a personal level, encouraging the community to mindfully minimize their discretionary consumption, to a degree and over a time period determined by each participant.  The campaign is open to everyone. You are free to participate for a week, a month, a quarter, a year, or longer!

If you like, please email us and yourself with our optional Agreement Form below.

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Suggested Guidelines

Buy Nothing New campaign participants are invited to develop their “buy nothing” plan using the following guidelines:

  • The baseline aspiration is to buy nothing new except for food, personal hygiene products and medicine for a week, a month, a quarter, all of 2020, longer.  Possible exceptions or variances might include:
    • Food (for you and your pets)
    • Personal hygiene products and medicine (for you and your pets)
    • Gasoline and other types of transportation fuel
    • Home heating needs
    • Cooking needs
    • Household repair and maintenance items (please remember Habitat for Humanity’s Re-store)
    • Automobile, motorcycle, scooter, and/or bicycle repair parts/supplies (please remember to consider carpooling and public transportation)
  • Buy in second hand stores, yard sales, and library sales. Almost everything can be found in the following shops in Silver City:
    • Habit for Humanity Restore: 704 W. Market
    • Town & Country Thrift Store: 606 N. Bullard
    • Single Socks thrift store: 111 W. College
    • Paws: thrift store: 703 Bullard
    • SWAG Thrift Store: Hwy 90, 505 N Hudson Street
    • Silver City Gospel Mission: 111 S. Texas
  • Consider borrowing, sharing, renting, fixing, repairing, redoing, or do without. This project is all about being thoughtful about "needs vs. wants."

Your Commitment Matters

With our form below you may enter into an agreement with yourself and others to solidify your commitment. Each commitment increases Grant County’s capacity to reduce the amount of waste going into our local landfill, in direct response to the recent changes in Grant County’s recycling program.

Want to share ideas, ask and answer questions throughout 2020? Join us in a monthly group meeting - contact us via email:, or use our form below to send your agreement to us and a copy to yourself.

Thank you for helping to make Grant County cleaner, healthier, more sustainable!

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