Cut Your Waste, Grant County Website Launched


For more information:

Allyson Siwik, Gila Resources Information Project: (575) 590-7619

Jeff Goin, Lotus Center: (575) 313-4087



Cut Your Waste, Grant County! has announced the launching of a website which provides citizens with suggestions for reducing their waste. The website,, offers easy, common-sense waste-reduction ideas, thus pre-empting the need for recycling, and saving expensive space in our local landfill.

Jeff Goin, a co-founder of Cut Your Waste, Grant County! says that he has personally benefited from some of the suggestions listed in the website.

“I’ve consider myself to be an ecologically-minded person,” Goin said. “But since Allyson (Siwik, the other co-founder of Cut Your Waste, Grant County!) and I had the idea for this campaign, I’ve felt a responsibility to up my own game. I now find myself scrutinizing virtually every single purchase I make. I really feel like it’s made me more mindful and aware of my consumption decisions in a very positive way.”

From using cloth napkins at home, to passing along magazines to friends, to bringing one’s own thermo mug to one’s favorite coffee house, the website lists 18 different ways to reduce waste and provides links to other useful waste-reduction resources.

“Together as a community we can reduce the amount of waste we produce. My personal goal is to reduce my family’s food waste and the amount of packaging used in the food I buy, said Allyson Siwik, a co-founder of Cut Your Waste, Grant County! and director of the Gila Resources Information Project. “Cut Your Waste, Grant County! can help you incorporate waste reduction ideas into your everyday routine. These tips are painless and can even be fun!”

Cut Your Waste, Grant County!, started earlier this year in response to the end of Silver City’s curbside recycling program. It’s a project of Gila Resources Information Project and the Lotus Center, both Silver City-based non-profit organizations.

For more information, visit,, or on Instagram @CutYourWasteGrantCounty.